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Classy Glass, Inc. is a Supplier Member of both PPAI and ASI. Classy Glass, Inc. opened its doors in 1997. The first product line was Custom Artistic Architectural Glass and Mirror. . The expression “architectural glass and mirror” usually refers to glass and mirror that are fixed or non-removable parts of a construction. For example, glass that is part of a shower stall, be it the shower door or fixed panels, is considered ‘architectural glass’. Windows, permanently installed mirrors, glass sidelights, glass transoms etc are considered ‘architectural’ in use, because they are not normally taken from the building when a person or business leaves. Our line is not just a line of architectural glass and mirror but artistic glass and mirror. Some of the products that constitute this line are etched glass shower doors, carved bathroom mirrors, carved glass sidelights, carved glass divisions in restaurants etc.

The owners brought with them 15 years experience in the custom, artistic glass and mirror field. The processes include glass etching by means of sandblasting, glass carving (also called sand carving and glass sculpturing), air-brushing, colored glass art and more. In 2005 Classy Glass became a Supplier member of PPAI and a few years later joined ASI. Creating stunning artistic glass awards is easy compared to floor to ceiling carved glass or mirror panels! It is no wonder then that Classy Glass, Inc. has already won 2 Supplier Achievement Awards in International Competition at the PPAI shows!

In 2005 Classy Glass, Inc. purchased new equipment that broadened their product line. Laser engraving allowed us to add Acrylic Awards, Wood Plaques etc. to our offerings.

Classy Glass, Inc is large enough to take on very large orders yet small enough to give customers quality personal attention. In fact, Classy Glass, Inc was awarded the Supplier Award of Merit at the 2009 PPAI show for overall performance as a Supplier including Customer Service!

In 2008 Classy Glass, Inc. purchased its own property and industrial building in preparation for future growth. Classy Glass, Inc, now equipped with almost 7,500 sq. ft. of work space, is ready for the 21st century!



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